Hi, my name is Trond Eriksen and for 10 years I worked as an accountant controller for Bergen City here in Norway. My work tasks were to visit businesses all over the city and go through their accounting. 

What I saw was how fragile many of the companies economy was and how they struggled to do something about it.

I thought about ways I could help those who wanted help. But working for the local government made this task incredibly hard...


Did you know that when the key policy rate is set at zero this is a sure sign of a fragile economy? If you leave your money in the bank, you will lose money in the current financial situation because of inflation. Still, most of us have our money in our bank account or placed in terrible funds with little to no return.


Did you know that women leave too much responsibility for income and savings to their men? Men save more, both in housing, in mutual funds, and in banking. In the event of a break-up of relationships, women are more vulnerable in most countries.

Did you know that The National Insurance Scheme was introduced on 1 January 1967, and at that time there were 5 workers per pensioners? The current situation is completely different. So if you rely on your pension you might get a bad surprise when that time comes.


For the last 5 years, our company has built software that now makes it possible to copy trade Hedge Funds. That means that "common people" like you and I for the first time have the opportunity to achieve the same results as if we were in these funds. It's like getting access to a "hidden society" where rich people hang out and invest their money.

The reason why this is so special is that usually, retail investors don't have access to these types of funds. You need to be an accredited investor to get access to them.

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